Unrelated Theory of Weight Barrier

The Theory of the Weight Barrier. x = weight, y = barrier z=speed. X(weight) of a certain object has a Y(barrier) of Z(speed) of which it can fall.

Testing this will show us how big, or small in weight we are compared to other forms of mass. This could mean entering different galaxies would be more scientifically approached; in gear we have that are properly performed – if you want to go that far into it-.

Where you can start: Example 1: a snow flake drifts in the wind because it is light enough to be in a certain barrier and that’s why it falls slower than other things such as rain. take for instance a humans terminal velocity is about 120 mph at 150 pounds and we see improvements in speed. How much more weight would there be to increase the speed gravity lets us fall or decent at a greater barrier?