The fourth time god spoke to me.

Dreams can be deceiving. Exactly why lucid dreaming can be dangerous. But the fact that I experienced god talking to me while awake, i can tell when its god speaking to me when im asleep. So for the fourth time god spoke to me! The sad news is…i cant remember what he said. all i remember was being outside my house with some seriously graphic things going on, to say the least. then the sky turned dark green, and i could hear his voice. His voice rumbles like lightning. Some would say thats the epitome of Zeus the greek god. But i cant be for sure who is talking to me. So i go back to my heritage of the christian god.

As for what he said; I can not remember. Which is strange for me because i remember the three other things He has said to me. I pray that god makes things clear for me.

These are the 4 things he has told me: Don’t Let me down. Please forgive me. Mark. You may notice that is only 3. So the fourth one is a mystery to me, because not everyone remembers dreams. Usually for ordinary people their dreams are just thoughts. Thats how i was as a youngster. But my imagination grew when i got older, and more things started to happen when i was asleep. Its not always certain, what happens in a dream. all i know is that anything can happen.

I pray again, to God, to show me what you said. Please do that for me God.

Bus Baking

“Yo my nigga, we bout to blaze!” “Fuck you mean G?” ” Guys, class starts in 3 minutes.” So we get onto the bus, on a spring day. “Light that join mah nigga.” Deez homies knew wassup, but they didn’t pick the best time to light up.

The Bell rings, but they don’t hear it. “Dude, like what if Monica goes down on me tonight?” ” Shit my nigga, good luck!” “Guys, i cant breathe!” “Open a window man!” *Cough, Cough* *Giggles* “Bro, check these shoes out! My moms bought em for my birthday.” “They dope my nigga!” 20 minutes go by so they weren’t keeping track of time.

Some of the buses were starting. “Guys, i got a headache. Whats that loud noise?” Your average smoker is clueless to whats going on. The bus door opens. “Breeze out the back!” Those dudes were lit as fuck, but they know how to not get caught.

One went to the bathroom to throw up. One went to the nurses office to sleep. And the dumbass that went back to class got in a fight.

But really though, if you ain’t gonna cruise on april 20th, cause big pops takes the whip away. Especially on that occasion, but for others also. You gotta just lay low and coordinate days.

But as for all the homies that was baking out buses; they ended up in jail. All those nasty germs on the bus; from spilled juice, to booty cooties, just don’t pay to smoke at school.

This terms research!

Hello my vocabians, and prophets! As a Man once said, the church of Philadelphia is a luke-warm place. As my mind wanders, i begin to ponder about the Philadelphian church stated in the bible. As prophets should- they decipher scripture, and not only repeat Gods word. So in this upcoming post, after some good research; I will bring to the site, a post about America’s Jurisdiction in the bible. You may be wondering how? well revelation is a book about the future. So hears a teaser: Americas founding fathers were signing something in the city of Philadelphia, on a not so humid day, to declare independence. And can you guess why Asia is the primary benefactor to this post? Find out after my research is complete!

In other new Studies:

I have noticed that; while vocarims do have the same properties as vowels; they do not have the same incremented patterns in words that roll off the tongue such as our set vowels. But they do have the same consistency that vowels have. I can only say that within the alphabet, there are consistencies and non consistencies. while vowels do have consistent behavior, vocarims unlike vowels do not conjoin all words like vowels do.

High School

via Daily Prompt: Elicit Subject: VocabProphet РDaily Prompt

Through authority, of pug nosed intellectual seniors; my high school started off easy. Be in mind i did not finish High School, but attained my GED in a timely manner. I scampered through the hallways as any normal freshman would. Trying to get to class on time, in the newly found world. Elicit actions in High School, for Alpha Males; were accidents turned into fights. The Daily Prompt word is Elicit. Which when googled it means; to evoke, draw out: a response to an act or question. Now, if you are thinking of scheming your way through High School; you are probably a gangster looking to get locked up in the world of hate. There isn’t much room for provoking an elicit response in the world of power, america has- Run by its leader. Specifically speaking of school: the Principal; teachers; security guards, or cops – are supposed to maintain order in school. But when chance calls to get the pretty girl at school, you bet your bottom dollar i’m going to ‘put the screws’ to a person soliciting a response to being a jerk off. Elicited actions in high school could also be social drama from people less ordained to the world of hate. But if you went to a school like mine, it usually ended up in a fight between two people- alpha or beta. Depending on the point of view the person has is completely up to the maturity of the person; when deciding if its alpha or beta. But to get back on point; Elicit responses are controlled by accidents more than the will of one’s scheme, because if you always try to pull a response out of someone, it’s usually hatred involved. im going to quote a green day song here called “American Idiot”. Which i found very helpful in my past few days. If you listen to his words, its speaks a message of the wisdom people have towards one another. The elicit response to most people is usually, unplanned idiocracy. And through out the world i’ve taken in something; that most people are stupid. Even in the book of Proverbs in the Bible “What comes out of the mouth, defiles a man.” I won’t be teaching you how to prevent this, here in this article. But what i can say, is that Green day is the bomb. And to all the elicit fights that break out. I hope your the victor and get the girl. Vocab prophet, out!