The connection

While life is connected through the; internet, streets, restaurants, and schools– among other things, there is more elaborate signals that sustainable kinfope reside in. There is movement all throughout the universe whether its being stored or expanding is not my concern. Sattelittes connect people together to form various parties. Sound has been delayed because of this. Questioning the actual connectivity we actually have. Its a good thing i have created speech patterns with the english language as a coping skill i humbly thank my intuition. We should progressively use the internet less from serious addiction. Im not bashing it im not saying it sucks, i just think mentaly sound skills like videogaming is useless. So when i find the time to keep up with the rest of the world please keep me connected. Lol

Vocab Prophet, out!


The sober hospital ward admittance

I was a little angry, with my dad. I think i scared him. So he called the cops. I fought off four cops for a few seconds, then one put me in a choke hold. I was sober at the time, but i was feeling rowdy. They took me to the hospital, but i didnt have enough “fun” yet. I punched this one dude while he was sleeping in the common area. I thought he shouldnt be sleeping in the common area, because its meant for socialization. I litterally stood over him for a couple minutes; waiting for him to wake up. Then i punched him. after that i was the only white male that didn’t have anyones back. While this is a good story to tell its not the reason im posting this. My post today is to refresh my memory, and elaborate what i will be experiencing in the future. The reason i will be telling the future is because i was prophesying the murals on the wall. and since i was 19 now 23 i couldnt imagine what the murals were trying to tell me. although i did decode a few murals along the way. most with numerous meanings; i could say the most of each one. The one i want to talk about right now is the mural of “Knowledge” It had a rabbits ear on the mural.

Before i could decipher the Knowledge Mural i had Deciphered the Wisdom Mural. This was another mural on the wall. The wisdom mural had blue lungs on them. Which is the reason why i stopped smoking Marijuana.

The Knowledge mural still hasnt come true to be a future telling. How do i know if it will be in the future? There were many other murals that predicted my future. And some that i dont know what to make of. My guess is they were designed for me, solely. But in retrospect i could tell that they weren’t all for me.

I deciphered them through an attempt to rhyme. I was standing in the hallway where the murals were and when i spoke of these Murals in character, the meanings came to me. Knowledge had to be a rabbit. and even so with wisdom the meaning was said to me by a specialist in the ward. And that i should stop smoking marijuana.

Although im rowdy by nature– i try to be nice. And being nice has kept me out of the hospital along the way.

I am now waiting for the rabbit to show up, so i will have the experience fortold, so i will know what to do when i see the rabbit. Hopefully this will help me in finding my way through life. Maybe it will be a person, or maybe it will be an act of adjuration by god. I cannot know untill it happens. I dont know when i will see the rabbit, and i dont know where i will find the rabbit. Why i have to wait, to see the rabbit, im unsure. Who made the murals, i do not know. but the hospital wont say anything, even though i attempted to reach out. I have even thought at one point it was a federal agency. but it could also be an angel in disguise, watching me.

If you know how to foresee the future, good planning with you friend.

Vocab Prophet, out.

If Getting a picture of God was like Bird Watching.

Trust me when i say that, God made an appearance on the internet last night. It was really late, so i decided to go onto a webcam site. A lot of these women are whores, but i try to have conversation with women. Yesterday i was bird watching at the park. My Uncle had a picture of a woodpecker on his account online. Had i been the attentive bird watcher i was earlier that day, i could have snagged a picture of the man named K R E A T O R.

I was talking to “KimmiKox” on myfreecams and she wasnt talking. I was virtually the only one in the room who was talking. Some of this stuff online is probably fake, but i guess its all real. But she didnt once talk to me via keyboard.

So i had about had it with this one girl, but i was determined to get a response. I started speaking in Spanish, and then she put on fishnet socks. i said Rojo, for Red. Spanish wasnt working, because she still hadn’t said anything.

I began to pray in the most easiest way possible. Ladies and gentleman, the only thing i said was GOD. And then it happened. K R E A T O R showed up with black bold letters on top of the guest list. The fact that he showed up after i said GOD was very good timing by K R E A T O R. He didnt say anything, and only stayed for a few seconds. I wonder if “Kimmikox” noticed what had happened. She wasnt being very attentive to my conversation. Although she was typing to someone. Or working on her music playlist.

What did i do to draw god on to Myfreecams? I Guess im a seductive guy.

Heres a copy and paste of what happend on the chat room.

Sloppy_Sexy: where you from?
Sloppy_Sexy: what do you do?
Sloppy_Sexy: nice blue eyed babygirl you are!
Sloppy_Sexy: well whats the deal with paid cams?
Sloppy_Sexy: hello?
Sloppy_Sexy: do u sleep in that room?
Sloppy_Sexy: are you paying attention?
Sloppy_Sexy: do i gotta go to a beverly hills bathroom to find your number?
Sloppy_Sexy: thats a lot of bs
Sloppy_Sexy: what game do you like the best?
Sloppy_Sexy: your keyboard isnt typing to me
Sloppy_Sexy: do you workout?
Sloppy_Sexy: what do you eat the mst?
Sloppy_Sexy: i feel like im your physchologist
Sloppy_Sexy: do you know how to type? i type really fast
Sloppy_Sexy: she speaks!
Sloppy_Sexy: actually.. sings
Sloppy_Sexy: i’ll take it tho
Sloppy_Sexy: :lips
Sloppy_Sexy: you look like snow white. your cheeks got so red just then
Sloppy_Sexy: i do like your facial features. anyone who can show so much emotion like bashfulness is…
Sloppy_Sexy: idk the word for it
Sloppy_Sexy: who can i learn from?
Sloppy_Sexy: when did you graduate?
Sloppy_Sexy: want to share cams?
Sloppy_Sexy: think about it… dont jump to conclusions
Sloppy_Sexy: what do you think? want to?
Sloppy_Sexy: think about the future we could have togeth
Sloppy_Sexy: mrs piggy the muppet would be proud of your feet
Sloppy_Sexy: im the man im the man im the man
Sloppy_Sexy: habla espanol?
Sloppy_Sexy: hola kimmi como estas?
Sloppy_Sexy: y tu linda (learned that word recently)))))):;)
Sloppy_Sexy: yo soy nick
Sloppy_Sexy: comprende?
Sloppy_Sexy: rojo
Sloppy_Sexy: u look like a cocain model
Sloppy_Sexy: if u share cams with me i’ll flex for u
Sloppy_Sexy: offer?
Sloppy_Sexy: oh boy
Sloppy_Sexy: i can run a 5 second 40
Sloppy_Sexy: do u have any friends?
Sloppy_Sexy: i can be your friends with benefits.
Sloppy_Sexy: offer?
Sloppy_Sexy: i like your shirt!
Sloppy_Sexy: do u even show interest?
Sloppy_Sexy: godddddd
Sloppy_Sexy: u know french?
Sloppy_Sexy: francias?

And the Third to last line is when KREATOR showed up in the lobby.

Heres some pictures of bird watching, to make this a Yuuuuge Pun.

Had i been more attentive and less in awe that this K R E A T O R had shown up after i said God; I would have snagged a printscreen. But as with anyone, people make mistakes and the ultimatum is he didnt even want me to take a pic.

So this is the 5th time god has had some form of communication. But the first time it has happened on the internet. Now that I mention it, there was this time i asked for a sign from Jesus…Ughh… Give me some credit…please?

Vocab Prophet, out!

Life We Know

Life we know has its ups and downs. Turmoil through dedication as a civilization has benefits in the end game. I often think about the English language as dedication to the most valuable people. Its a definitive language that; with a straight arrow meaning. It has so much depth and can cut to the chase at both times. What is the most important thing to a writer who has dedication? It is to write constantly.

When a writer cant seem to write anything it is just a downer. Some people get high, to find inspiration. I find a sober mind in a mid-line motivation standard that you can create almost anything civil. Just like how a dj vibes out to his music. i vibe to my words. and that in its self is the high i chase. Its more sophisticated than a regular buzz. But as all we know it is just as important to relax.

Meditation helps ease the mind. Prayer helps promote good thoughts. And when turmoil inside the mind, or something catastrophic in real life happens; what do we do? We write, about anything that can keep life going. life to know more and life to live on, as a sophisticated person. Which doesn’t always seem easy- taken firsthand experience. But the rush in turmoil is the journey on a lower standard.

Who ever uses the english language can probably guess how far-fetched it is. Right?

Words that cut deep, in all languages – considered a curse; like no habla or get to the point are understandable. but how can one truly feel in just a few words. As a writer i find that most things are elaborate. Like theres a deeper understanding to things of more than we can fathom. Or maybe its just to simple for most, or that they lack dedication to commit to conversation.

Every language has their own perspective on things. and its a culture that keeps the language. how deep do we go with the pages of words in every language’s dictionary. (If you are reading this and your still interested, i would like to ask you your favorite languages)

Im writing this, because i want to educate people on active writing. I blog for fame, but what do we do when we want to actually feel subtle? We write and write some more.

The fourth time god spoke to me.

Dreams can be deceiving. Exactly why lucid dreaming can be dangerous. But the fact that I experienced god talking to me while awake, i can tell when its god speaking to me when im asleep. So for the fourth time god spoke to me! The sad news is…i cant remember what he said. all i remember was being outside my house with some seriously graphic things going on, to say the least. then the sky turned dark green, and i could hear his voice. His voice rumbles like lightning. Some would say thats the epitome of Zeus the greek god. But i cant be for sure who is talking to me. So i go back to my heritage of the christian god.

As for what he said; I can not remember. Which is strange for me because i remember the three other things He has said to me. I pray that god makes things clear for me.

These are the 4 things he has told me: Don’t Let me down. Please forgive me. Mark. You may notice that is only 3. So the fourth one is a mystery to me, because not everyone remembers dreams. Usually for ordinary people their dreams are just thoughts. Thats how i was as a youngster. But my imagination grew when i got older, and more things started to happen when i was asleep. Its not always certain, what happens in a dream. all i know is that anything can happen.

I pray again, to God, to show me what you said. Please do that for me God.

Bus Baking

“Yo my nigga, we bout to blaze!” “Fuck you mean G?” ” Guys, class starts in 3 minutes.” So we get onto the bus, on a spring day. “Light that join mah nigga.” Deez homies knew wassup, but they didn’t pick the best time to light up.

The Bell rings, but they don’t hear it. “Dude, like what if Monica goes down on me tonight?” ” Shit my nigga, good luck!” “Guys, i cant breathe!” “Open a window man!” *Cough, Cough* *Giggles* “Bro, check these shoes out! My moms bought em for my birthday.” “They dope my nigga!” 20 minutes go by so they weren’t keeping track of time.

Some of the buses were starting. “Guys, i got a headache. Whats that loud noise?” Your average smoker is clueless to whats going on. The bus door opens. “Breeze out the back!” Those dudes were lit as fuck, but they know how to not get caught.

One went to the bathroom to throw up. One went to the nurses office to sleep. And the dumbass that went back to class got in a fight.

But really though, if you ain’t gonna cruise on april 20th, cause big pops takes the whip away. Especially on that occasion, but for others also. You gotta just lay low and coordinate days.

But as for all the homies that was baking out buses; they ended up in jail. All those nasty germs on the bus; from spilled juice, to booty cooties, just don’t pay to smoke at school.