My Power Point Presentation!

Vocaribs, Vocarims, and Vocoupe

The presentation begins:Power Point

I will begin by saying; this is the complete version of my work. I will go through every detail in my phonetic algorithm explanation. This power point has been updated through time to ensure finest quality. What you will be seeing are charts and definition of each letter and their value. It will be introduced with a cooperative way to begin understanding what i show you, and some exciting information on certain letters.

To begin; simply click on one of the links on this page.

Power Point

Let me explain; what all these algorithm’s are. They are the analyzed functions of each letter. Each letter in the power point plays a different role, than consonants and vowels. To decide whether the letters here are of more value is completely up to you. But to further understand the speech process each letter is pronounced with; is what has been explained in my power point.

Also known as linguistics; these theorems are of value to physical pronunciation, rather than computing coding. So begin the explanation here. Power Point