The thought Freud had.

So, when you say that your parents give you the right or wrong cause factor, I begin to wonder what God will do about this. Yet I say in parallel that the super ego causes an action or distraction. But, god doesn’t intervene in human life– or so we know it to be. It is all too vague in my personal experiences with god. the rushing of wind and the male voice as the two of some more unexplainable acts. the only thing that keeps me sane is patience and hope that something good will happen. So if Freud says that god isn’t the cause of the super ego, than god doesn’t revolve around the human race. Yet in the bible, it says god is of the living, not the dead. So with people dying, freud must have lost someone he assumed was of full potential to be redeemed of the living. yet, he gave up faith; because the person died or became ill willed from a devoted faith. Somewhere between the lines, he could think that the God is a myth. historically speaking I haven’t read a biography on freud. but him being an atheist is known. the matter lies within the thought process of coming up with the 3 things called “Id, Ego, and Superego”

One thing I can say is, god gives everything to a mysterious person. only Abraham and moses have met god. them being the prophets in revelation of course. Gods super ego sets people free, and vanquishes immoral. so was freud immoral and a cell guard? it seems like a good reason to defy the teachings of freud. Go back to the old ways that god teaches, and live a happy life.

Theres a lot of people who should read this. because the psychiatry division between people of todays science are teaching freud on a first hand basis. Freuds egotistical power gave him a chance to be a monarch in todays science.

Take it from a prophet of patience, who has heard god speak– with no known action.

vocab prophet out.


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