The Four blue Lights

Story time… I would see a pyramid of lights, every time I closed my eyes. 1 dot was yellow, 2 dots were red, 3 dots were green, and 4 dots were blue. I decided this represented my path, so I favorited 4 intellectually, as the 4 blue dots were my path. Then hurricane sandy hit. God spoke to me saying “don’t let me down”, I did not reply… Living on the coast, my dad works on boats. I was at a boat yard one day cleaning up the wreckage. there were ducks on the dock, and I stamped my foot– to scare them. I turn to the boat in the garage and it said Four gone on the name.

We move into a house after rebuilding the floors, that were damaged by hurricane sandy. I wanted to slap box some of the locals that were helping clean up. Back then I wanted to fight everyone, cause I’m looking for action. then since I couldn’t get a boxing match, I go inside and workout. after my work out I was so beat up I could barely move. I was waiting for the tv guy to come by, and saw a man on the phone, and asked “are you supposed to be here?”. he got mad and we almost fought, along with his 3 other goons. turns out he was a correctional officer that lived on the block. I was so worked up I shot myself in the hand with a staple gun. then on the wall there was a wake card with a prayer from the 70’s. and the picture of jesus pointing to his hand. Did jesus fortell the future?

A couple days later I end up in the hospital for psychiatric reasons. I had thanksgiving dinner there. there were some pictures called murals on the wall with 1 word on each and a drawing. at one point I deciphered 2 of the murals of ten. wisdom with a picture of lungs. and knowledge with a rabbits ear. “Smoke so much weed my lungs peel back, rabbit run around the tree.” and I gasped. after I was in the bathroom and someone knocked on the door. I exited the bathroom and said sorry for the wait. he put his hand up with the number four with his four fingers, and walked away.

It was strange to see this, but it meant something to me on the way home from the hospital. a black truck was driving by just before my dad and I pulled down my block, with four led blue lights on the grill of the truck. I had been reinstated to the four blue lights.

The LED lights on the truck had shown me this is my path. Because I was on my block now. I slowly get out the car, and relax for the day. I was meant to be there, for some reason. what ever I learned I cant recall.

But the pyramid of lights had returned, in the forms of names and animals. with 9 extra names and animals. after figuring it was a story to tell, I began with this website. if u refer to the home page and look at the power point, there are sole purpose to my teaching of vocaribs and vocarims and vocoupes, and how I tought myself them.

Then god spoke to me again, he said some things in a murmur. I told him “I don’t speak wind!”. Then god said “Please forgive me?”. This was the last time god spoke to me while I was awake. it was the day an hbo show of a drunken fist show came on. pretty much the first time I really got into hbo.

So I must continue to train, to become a better fighter. In peace, I will train. not for revenge or wraith.

Vocab prophet,



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