God i found Mark

Mark was the name of a person god showed me in a vision while sleeping. He is rocognizable to the person in my dream. Mark was bike riding with my friend gene. I joined them for a vike ride out of wanting to do something when i saw them. So i chased them untill i got to sunrise highway and asked if i could ride with them. We rode to the mall where mark had to leave. Then i rode 20 miles with Gene. We took side roads, highways, crossed a bridge, and some more side roads, untill we got to the bike path. It was almost a marathon ride. The hills i had to climb were very hard. When i met mark i said something stupid like eat lunch. I wish there was more i could get out of it.

The vision went as such. I was at a zoo with my grandparents. I giant crocidile got loose. Everyone had scattered an i tried stealing an RV. There was a man who jumped out of no where and pulled a gun on me so it must of been his RV. I took the gun out of his hand and shot him but the bullet bounced off his head. Then i looked into the sky, and god said “Mark”.

Id recognized the guy mark from bike riding in a vision. But the mark in the vision was older and pale. Maybe 20 years and 3 tones lighter on a 10 scale. But they both had shaved heads.

Maybe im supposed to tell mark about his future. The point is i met mark. Possibly– exactly 3 years later since the vision.

I hope this occurence could shed some light on what god has planned. Mark stay strong.

Vocab prophet



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