Another failed attempt at communication by the commander of the winds.

Twice this has happened where i have a dream and the commander of the winds starts barking at me. In light of the conversation a voice in my head told me “she will tell poseidon.” But in first person pov. My meds dont stop the voices from coming, especially in the morning and when i fall asleep. It could be that the chemicals from rem sleep is still wearing off. (Id like to use trazadone to see how many voices i hear during rest. Trazadone is a sleep aid i used to get prescribed to sleep.) I dont know whether to understand the roaring voice as a valuable source while sleeping. But then again im not the one coming up with these visions in sleep. Its like a virtual reality game that happens as soon as im subconceous. Its like my body reappears somewhere else.

For informational purposes i asked the commander of the winds to give me insight on the books i want to write, when i had his attention years ago. So it seems he can also contact me in my dreams. “Gods kingdom is in here” Jesus said * laying down and pointing to his heart* in the movie ‘The greatest story ever told.’ Dreams; i would consider a valuable source– even if they happen so frequently.

When the commander of the winds spoke to me during hurricane sandy, he said “Dont let me down!” So the sandman deffinitley plays a part.

So with the news of poseidon being told about something, is very curious to me. Im going to the beach today after i get cleaned up. Maybe i can get some answers there. I shall stay vigil in whispering at the beach to not raise alarm. I also will be working on my handstands and flips, as a good source of movement. (Edit: im reading my book at the beach also)

I hope you are inspired by faith in the above whom ever reads this.

Vocab Prophet,



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