One to Infinity

The first number– as we all know is the number one. The numbers grow gradually into one unique number after the other. Twelve can be speculated as the last unique number. There are also repetitive numbers based on the first 12 numbers, that complete a new zero count. Numbers continue to grow, yet within the english language the only non-repetitive words are one through twelve. Why have they been characterized to only go up to 12? we have teens, and then twentys, and then hundreds. But exactly with the english language 12 is the last unique spelling before going into a repetitive counting process. With each zero added we do make a larger number, after the 3 zeros in larger numbers, that make a unique whole. Linguists could say this is advanced, but 12 being the last non-repetitive number spoken– may seem primitive. It is to me, a bit boring counting to twelve and the repeating. Although knowing this is very exciting as a linguist.

Vocab prophet,


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