A Good Relationship

A good relationship keeps the flow of things. Your significant other is supposed to listen when no one else will. The beauty of being that person is more than enough to keep someone going. Its just too hard, to spin a spell with words, to make everything better. When a person gets frustrated, your supposed to be there to listen. When your significant other gets mad about the other person, it doesn’t settle well. A lot of the problems happen in my own mind, and i know how others feel when you want them to do better. That’s why it is important to just be that person your Significant other needs. Love is shocking sometimes, and its whether you look passed the BS or you let your emotions get the hold of you. That’s why a calm relationship is a good one.

There’s simple things that every person needs to keep there sanity. To be calm, is the most important one. If you can conjure a conversation in a calm matter; is probably the next step in a good relationship. The word blasphemy can mean a lot of things, and that is why it is best for God to take care of all the bullshit. Its important to have patience, with god also. Think of it as a Kid going through school– he or she has to learn everything for decades. If you can not assume patience as God does, then the work someone else does will never be done properly. This is what prophets are for, to fix what other people don’t know how to do. So i go to church, and look for guidance.

I really have covered, the calming solution within this post. and it really works when you don’t let your emotions take hold of the conversation you have. A good listener is 100% of a good relationship. Let the people do what they have to do. and when you think you can help that person other than spinning a web of spells with your mouth, take action. Its very rewarding to have a good relationship.

Vocab prophet,


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