The sober hospital ward admittance

I was a little angry, with my dad. I think i scared him. So he called the cops. I fought off four cops for a few seconds, then one put me in a choke hold. I was sober at the time, but i was feeling rowdy. They took me to the hospital, but i didnt have enough “fun” yet. I punched this one dude while he was sleeping in the common area. I thought he shouldnt be sleeping in the common area, because its meant for socialization. I litterally stood over him for a couple minutes; waiting for him to wake up. Then i punched him. after that i was the only white male that didn’t have anyones back. While this is a good story to tell its not the reason im posting this. My post today is to refresh my memory, and elaborate what i will be experiencing in the future. The reason i will be telling the future is because i was prophesying the murals on the wall. and since i was 19 now 23 i couldnt imagine what the murals were trying to tell me. although i did decode a few murals along the way. most with numerous meanings; i could say the most of each one. The one i want to talk about right now is the mural of “Knowledge” It had a rabbits ear on the mural.

Before i could decipher the Knowledge Mural i had Deciphered the Wisdom Mural. This was another mural on the wall. The wisdom mural had blue lungs on them. Which is the reason why i stopped smoking Marijuana.

The Knowledge mural still hasnt come true to be a future telling. How do i know if it will be in the future? There were many other murals that predicted my future. And some that i dont know what to make of. My guess is they were designed for me, solely. But in retrospect i could tell that they weren’t all for me.

I deciphered them through an attempt to rhyme. I was standing in the hallway where the murals were and when i spoke of these Murals in character, the meanings came to me. Knowledge had to be a rabbit. and even so with wisdom the meaning was said to me by a specialist in the ward. And that i should stop smoking marijuana.

Although im rowdy by nature– i try to be nice. And being nice has kept me out of the hospital along the way.

I am now waiting for the rabbit to show up, so i will have the experience fortold, so i will know what to do when i see the rabbit. Hopefully this will help me in finding my way through life. Maybe it will be a person, or maybe it will be an act of adjuration by god. I cannot know untill it happens. I dont know when i will see the rabbit, and i dont know where i will find the rabbit. Why i have to wait, to see the rabbit, im unsure. Who made the murals, i do not know. but the hospital wont say anything, even though i attempted to reach out. I have even thought at one point it was a federal agency. but it could also be an angel in disguise, watching me.

If you know how to foresee the future, good planning with you friend.

Vocab Prophet, out.


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