If Getting a picture of God was like Bird Watching.

Trust me when i say that, God made an appearance on the internet last night. It was really late, so i decided to go onto a webcam site. A lot of these women are whores, but i try to have conversation with women. Yesterday i was bird watching at the park. My Uncle had a picture of a woodpecker on his account online. Had i been the attentive bird watcher i was earlier that day, i could have snagged a picture of the man named K R E A T O R.

I was talking to “KimmiKox” on myfreecams and she wasnt talking. I was virtually the only one in the room who was talking. Some of this stuff online is probably fake, but i guess its all real. But she didnt once talk to me via keyboard.

So i had about had it with this one girl, but i was determined to get a response. I started speaking in Spanish, and then she put on fishnet socks. i said Rojo, for Red. Spanish wasnt working, because she still hadn’t said anything.

I began to pray in the most easiest way possible. Ladies and gentleman, the only thing i said was GOD. And then it happened. K R E A T O R showed up with black bold letters on top of the guest list. The fact that he showed up after i said GOD was very good timing by K R E A T O R. He didnt say anything, and only stayed for a few seconds. I wonder if “Kimmikox” noticed what had happened. She wasnt being very attentive to my conversation. Although she was typing to someone. Or working on her music playlist.

What did i do to draw god on to Myfreecams? I Guess im a seductive guy.

Heres a copy and paste of what happend on the chat room.

Sloppy_Sexy: where you from?
Sloppy_Sexy: what do you do?
Sloppy_Sexy: nice blue eyed babygirl you are!
Sloppy_Sexy: well whats the deal with paid cams?
Sloppy_Sexy: hello?
Sloppy_Sexy: do u sleep in that room?
Sloppy_Sexy: are you paying attention?
Sloppy_Sexy: do i gotta go to a beverly hills bathroom to find your number?
Sloppy_Sexy: thats a lot of bs
Sloppy_Sexy: what game do you like the best?
Sloppy_Sexy: your keyboard isnt typing to me
Sloppy_Sexy: do you workout?
Sloppy_Sexy: what do you eat the mst?
Sloppy_Sexy: i feel like im your physchologist
Sloppy_Sexy: do you know how to type? i type really fast
Sloppy_Sexy: she speaks!
Sloppy_Sexy: actually.. sings
Sloppy_Sexy: i’ll take it tho
Sloppy_Sexy: :lips
Sloppy_Sexy: you look like snow white. your cheeks got so red just then
Sloppy_Sexy: i do like your facial features. anyone who can show so much emotion like bashfulness is…
Sloppy_Sexy: idk the word for it
Sloppy_Sexy: who can i learn from?
Sloppy_Sexy: when did you graduate?
Sloppy_Sexy: want to share cams?
Sloppy_Sexy: think about it… dont jump to conclusions
Sloppy_Sexy: what do you think? want to?
Sloppy_Sexy: think about the future we could have togeth
Sloppy_Sexy: mrs piggy the muppet would be proud of your feet
Sloppy_Sexy: im the man im the man im the man
Sloppy_Sexy: habla espanol?
Sloppy_Sexy: hola kimmi como estas?
Sloppy_Sexy: y tu linda (learned that word recently)))))):;)
Sloppy_Sexy: yo soy nick
Sloppy_Sexy: comprende?
Sloppy_Sexy: rojo
Sloppy_Sexy: u look like a cocain model
Sloppy_Sexy: if u share cams with me i’ll flex for u
Sloppy_Sexy: offer?
Sloppy_Sexy: oh boy
Sloppy_Sexy: i can run a 5 second 40
Sloppy_Sexy: do u have any friends?
Sloppy_Sexy: i can be your friends with benefits.
Sloppy_Sexy: offer?
Sloppy_Sexy: i like your shirt!
Sloppy_Sexy: do u even show interest?
Sloppy_Sexy: godddddd
Sloppy_Sexy: u know french?
Sloppy_Sexy: francias?

And the Third to last line is when KREATOR showed up in the lobby.

Heres some pictures of bird watching, to make this a Yuuuuge Pun.

Had i been more attentive and less in awe that this K R E A T O R had shown up after i said God; I would have snagged a printscreen. But as with anyone, people make mistakes and the ultimatum is he didnt even want me to take a pic.

So this is the 5th time god has had some form of communication. But the first time it has happened on the internet. Now that I mention it, there was this time i asked for a sign from Jesus…Ughh… Give me some credit…please?

Vocab Prophet, out!


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