Life We Know

Life we know has its ups and downs. Turmoil through dedication as a civilization has benefits in the end game. I often think about the English language as dedication to the most valuable people. Its a definitive language that; with a straight arrow meaning. It has so much depth and can cut to the chase at both times. What is the most important thing to a writer who has dedication? It is to write constantly.

When a writer cant seem to write anything it is just a downer. Some people get high, to find inspiration. I find a sober mind in a mid-line motivation standard that you can create almost anything civil. Just like how a dj vibes out to his music. i vibe to my words. and that in its self is the high i chase. Its more sophisticated than a regular buzz. But as all we know it is just as important to relax.

Meditation helps ease the mind. Prayer helps promote good thoughts. And when turmoil inside the mind, or something catastrophic in real life happens; what do we do? We write, about anything that can keep life going. life to know more and life to live on, as a sophisticated person. Which doesn’t always seem easy- taken firsthand experience. But the rush in turmoil is the journey on a lower standard.

Who ever uses the english language can probably guess how far-fetched it is. Right?

Words that cut deep, in all languages – considered a curse; like no habla or get to the point are understandable. but how can one truly feel in just a few words. As a writer i find that most things are elaborate. Like theres a deeper understanding to things of more than we can fathom. Or maybe its just to simple for most, or that they lack dedication to commit to conversation.

Every language has their own perspective on things. and its a culture that keeps the language. how deep do we go with the pages of words in every language’s dictionary. (If you are reading this and your still interested, i would like to ask you your favorite languages)

Im writing this, because i want to educate people on active writing. I blog for fame, but what do we do when we want to actually feel subtle? We write and write some more.


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