The fourth time god spoke to me.

Dreams can be deceiving. Exactly why lucid dreaming can be dangerous. But the fact that I experienced god talking to me while awake, i can tell when its god speaking to me when im asleep. So for the fourth time god spoke to me! The sad news is…i cant remember what he said. all i remember was being outside my house with some seriously graphic things going on, to say the least. then the sky turned dark green, and i could hear his voice. His voice rumbles like lightning. Some would say thats the epitome of Zeus the greek god. But i cant be for sure who is talking to me. So i go back to my heritage of the christian god.

As for what he said; I can not remember. Which is strange for me because i remember the three other things He has said to me. I pray that god makes things clear for me.

These are the 4 things he has told me: Don’t Let me down. Please forgive me. Mark. You may notice that is only 3. So the fourth one is a mystery to me, because not everyone remembers dreams. Usually for ordinary people their dreams are just thoughts. Thats how i was as a youngster. But my imagination grew when i got older, and more things started to happen when i was asleep. Its not always certain, what happens in a dream. all i know is that anything can happen.

I pray again, to God, to show me what you said. Please do that for me God.


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