Bus Baking

“Yo my nigga, we bout to blaze!” “Fuck you mean G?” ” Guys, class starts in 3 minutes.” So we get onto the bus, on a spring day. “Light that join mah nigga.” Deez homies knew wassup, but they didn’t pick the best time to light up.

The Bell rings, but they don’t hear it. “Dude, like what if Monica goes down on me tonight?” ” Shit my nigga, good luck!” “Guys, i cant breathe!” “Open a window man!” *Cough, Cough* *Giggles* “Bro, check these shoes out! My moms bought em for my birthday.” “They dope my nigga!” 20 minutes go by so they weren’t keeping track of time.

Some of the buses were starting. “Guys, i got a headache. Whats that loud noise?” Your average smoker is clueless to whats going on. The bus door opens. “Breeze out the back!” Those dudes were lit as fuck, but they know how to not get caught.

One went to the bathroom to throw up. One went to the nurses office to sleep. And the dumbass that went back to class got in a fight.

But really though, if you ain’t gonna cruise on april 20th, cause big pops takes the whip away. Especially on that occasion, but for others also. You gotta just lay low and coordinate days.

But as for all the homies that was baking out buses; they ended up in jail. All those nasty germs on the bus; from spilled juice, to booty cooties, just don’t pay to smoke at school.


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