This terms research!

Hello my vocabians, and prophets! As a Man once said, the church of Philadelphia is a luke-warm place. As my mind wanders, i begin to ponder about the Philadelphian church stated in the bible. As prophets should- they decipher scripture, and not only repeat Gods word. So in this upcoming post, after some good research; I will bring to the site, a post about America’s Jurisdiction in the bible. You may be wondering how? well revelation is a book about the future. So hears a teaser: Americas founding fathers were signing something in the city of Philadelphia, on a not so humid day, to declare independence. And can you guess why Asia is the primary benefactor to this post? Find out after my research is complete!

In other new Studies:

I have noticed that; while vocarims do have the same properties as vowels; they do not have the same incremented patterns in words that roll off the tongue such as our set vowels. But they do have the same consistency that vowels have. I can only say that within the alphabet, there are consistencies and non consistencies. while vowels do have consistent behavior, vocarims unlike vowels do not conjoin all words like vowels do.


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