High School

via Daily Prompt: Elicit Subject: VocabProphet – Daily Prompt

Through authority, of pug nosed intellectual seniors; my high school started off easy. Be in mind i did not finish High School, but attained my GED in a timely manner. I scampered through the hallways as any normal freshman would. Trying to get to class on time, in the newly found world. Elicit actions in High School, for Alpha Males; were accidents turned into fights. The Daily Prompt word is Elicit. Which when googled it means; to evoke, draw out: a response to an act or question. Now, if you are thinking of scheming your way through High School; you are probably a gangster looking to get locked up in the world of hate. There isn’t much room for provoking an elicit response in the world of power, america has- Run by its leader. Specifically speaking of school: the Principal; teachers; security guards, or cops – are supposed to maintain order in school. But when chance calls to get the pretty girl at school, you bet your bottom dollar i’m going to ‘put the screws’ to a person soliciting a response to being a jerk off. Elicited actions in high school could also be social drama from people less ordained to the world of hate. But if you went to a school like mine, it usually ended up in a fight between two people- alpha or beta. Depending on the point of view the person has is completely up to the maturity of the person; when deciding if its alpha or beta. But to get back on point; Elicit responses are controlled by accidents more than the will of one’s scheme, because if you always try to pull a response out of someone, it’s usually hatred involved. im going to quote a green day song here called “American Idiot”. Which i found very helpful in my past few days. If you listen to his words, its speaks a message of the wisdom people have towards one another. The elicit response to most people is usually, unplanned idiocracy. And through out the world i’ve taken in something; that most people are stupid. Even in the book of Proverbs in the Bible “What comes out of the mouth, defiles a man.” I won’t be teaching you how to prevent this, here in this article. But what i can say, is that Green day is the bomb. And to all the elicit fights that break out. I hope your the victor and get the girl. Vocab prophet, out!


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