Language dystrophy

I write to you while in my bath with the fondest intent of destruction. This message can go both ways. We can embark on world domination by this. If this is in fact in effect already then i am a victim. The way we see things have been controlled. Cia operations that could be put into place that i divulge to you. The languages that we know of are ammounted to the schooling of the most high person on earth.

Wavering tree tops have the most beautiful view. But in another language that has been schooled and reformed by common corp. Controlled victims of a crime worth putting them into by language. Past experiences like the enigma were the most foul future of the destruction of peace. The uprising of terror that is confusion.People this is why we all want to speak one word with eachother. The sanctity i bring to you has the best value in cooperation and peaceful actions. To communicate with endeavorous oppurtunities backfolded by propaganda an pressing stories to cause hanous crimes.

With the confusion of intellectual conversations brought up in outsourced exclusiveness that has the people operating on such causes bring justice to people. So do not frett with americas doings. We are just a bunch of furry warm fat animals waiting to cuddle with the rest of the world.

The cia has the working of what they do best. They are aoutsoucerced company that does “smart” things. For the better purpose of the future. But states among states can only divulge so much information with the segregation of state borders where we learn so much differentials. So ivy leauge colleges have banded to the certain locations where smart people pop up when they do well in school.

But the blindfold will be revieled soon.

Installment 2: how language dystrophy works.

Language dystrophy is the use of words that have different meanings in different languages. If you can recall the alphabet of english and the same with languages of the same origin have 26 letters. Language dystrophy is putting key words in circulation between different languages to control what we want to hear, key words to look out for, and cool “safe words” during sex.

Evaluating some more at a later date.


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