Vocaribs and vocarims coexisting

Going through the alphabet i see some similarities in pronunciaction. The letter ‘S’ and the letter ‘T’require a similar function to prounce. “Ha” if you were thinking that ‘S’ is a vocarim and ‘T’ is a vocarib; you’re right! I have this philosophy that these two letters were placed in the alphebet in perfect places.

Getting back to why they are coexisting. The pronunciation the letter “T” can be jotted into an easy flow words with “S”. Make a noise like a snake and then throw a “T” in there. Did it work easily? The tounge bounces right back into position to continue using the letter “S”.

The way the letters work together; shows us how well the alphabet was made. Are there more letters to be made? Yes. Can new functioning sentences be made? I dont know. All we can do is gesture the idea.


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