Philosophy on the 3rd installment of “Word in Play”

The 3rd word i use in the category “word in play” is the word “Happen”.  My analysis of this word seems most intriguing to me. I will give you an in depth meaning of the word that is very good for the mental state of the mind when we use this word “happen”. This word is singular to us as a human, and so it is our only way to see things Happen.

Biologically we have one body. past present and future we keep this one body. having the knowledge that people are constantly using their body in the functions of daily life is called happening; which is present form. we use the word happen as a significant value, that we feel that people are doing things while we complete our lifes pattern. Thinking about what other people are doing, is wondering what is happening. We have no idea what people are actually doing when thinking about that; unless we are talking to them via technology.

Having the word happen in our language vocabulary is very important. We assume things are happening throughout our lives that we do not know of. and so a simple question while using the word happen, will help us figure out what is going on with other peoples lifes.


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